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Ok so last night...
was the BEST NIGHT of my entire life.
Team Love Night at the CMJ

Air and I got to the knitting factory early where we met Daniella and Jess. A few minutes of waiting outside a cab pulls up and none other than Conor Oberst steps out. Then we go inside really really early! Like an hour and half before it was supposed to start. We get in and hang a bit. Jess's mom got tight with Conor. Haha. Then we all went to the merch table and Kianna and Derek were there along with some guys from Neva Dinova. So Jess, Daniella, Elan, Air, and I all give Kianna and Derek the poster from TL. They loved it. Then we all took a picture.

Then I gave Kianna her unicorn purse and she loved it! She said it was the greatest thing she has ever received from a fan. I was so happy!
Then we went back in because Mars Black had already started. It was completely empty. So we were right on the stage. Literally. It was awesome.
He finished his set and Neva Dinova came out. I told them that we loved them and they said they loved us too. During the nd of their set the called up Orenda Fink to come sing on a song!
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Maria Taylor and Tim Kasher were also there but wathcing in the audience.
Then I got the guy from Neva to sign my poster.
Then Willy Mason came on. He was so cute. He played a very nice set. He took the set list away at the end so no one got it.
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Then Craig W. came on and played a nice set. He formally introduced himself to Jess and I and shook our hands and all. He was very nice.
Then David Dondero came out and was AMAZING! But when is Dondero not amazing?
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Sorry all the pictures look so bad. We were right on the stage, like our stuff was resting on it so all of my pictures are at an upwards angle.
The Tilly members came out and started to set up. Kianna was wearing the Unicorn Purse I gave her! And I was right in fron of Jamie's tap dancing plate.
Then Nate came out and started talking about Team Love. Then Conor came out and talked about how Tilly sold 10,000 records and how they had a cake.
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Then he introduced Tilly. And Tilly came out and well were amazing!!!! Kianna hung her unicorn purse on the mic stand.
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And was like during the set. Thank you for everyone who gave us prezzies! And she looked at me and smiled! And I was like I'm soooo glad you liked it! And she goes are you kidding me? It is the best thing ever!!
Neely, Jamie, and Kianna all thanked us for dancing and said that they could really only see us but was sure everyone else was cool too.
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Jamie and Neely.
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They finished their first set and went away for a bit. Then came back for the encore. And it was amazing!!! We danced so much. Then they were finished after Nights and Jess, Daniella, and I all got a set list. I got Neely's.
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Then I noticed Kianna left her purse on the stand! And I didn't want to leave it and I also wanted to hang around and talk to the Tilly's. So Elan and Air and I all waited a bit, Jess and Daniella went off. Then Derek came out and started talking to us. He came up to us!! And was sooo cool and so nice. Then he thanked us and I got a themed picture with him. The theme is Tilly and the Wall because he asked me what my hobbies were and I said Tilly. He is being himself. I am clapping or tapping or something.
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Then he went away and Jamie and Kianna came out and Kianna grabbed her purse and we talked to Jamie for a bit. She is sooo nice.
Then we left and went to the merch table again. We talked to Roger and I hugged him. He was very nice.
Then I met Neely!
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She was amazing! And I told her to come to Baltimore and she thought I said Voldemort and it was cute. Then she was like I'll put in a good word! I was so happy.
Then we met Kianna again! And she something really nice about me and the purse. She is so sweet.
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Then she told me the story about how she realized she left her uni on the mic stand after Nights and was freaking out because she couldn't go back on stage because the audeince might think they are doing another encore or something. And she said she was standing by the door the whole time looking at it so that no one took it! It was so cute!
Then we bought some more merch and Air talked to David Dondero.
We left and then we saw Maria Taylor trying unsuccessfully to hail a cab. So we talked to her a bit.
Then we left.
The end!!
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